Apr 032012


The Cat Clam is created especially for cats
with their likes and personality in mind. Your cat will enjoy the comfort and inviting atmosphere where they can be cozy, snuggle and snooze in their own private place. The Cat Clam is that perfect hideaway.

Dimensions: 17” D x 12“ H

Price: $49.99



What are people saying about the NEW Cat Clam?

These are some of the testimonials and photos that we have received from our customers. Please send us your Cat Clam photos & a brief testimonial so we can share your cat experience with other cat lovers.

“I purchased the Cat Clam at the cat show in Atlanta. My cat, Viggo, loves it and sleeps there almost
every night!”
— Laura M

“Best cat toy/furniture product ever bought…my cat loves it and spends a lot of time in it”
— Katherine

Thanks for this wonderful item! Our Maine Coons have fun with this. As this is light and soft,
it was easy to bring back three of them to Japan. We are very happy with this.”
— Yukari

Thank you so much for sending the Cat Clam. My kittens are loving it! It took them no time at all
to check it out and Bella is asleep in it as we speak…and the fabric is super cute too! Thanks again.
It is fabulous!
— Missy